Our focus is soils, science and the environment, but don’t forget water!

Analysing & Testing Soils

A soil science consultancy founded by Dr Jane T Aiken, with services available to the home builder, farm businesses, the agricultural enterprise, soils suppliers, real estate developers, the mining and energy, the waste sector, local government and other specialists, architects, landscape designers, or a natural resource consultant.

Our commercial point of difference is a scientific approach to our fieldwork, test selection, result review, reporting, and achieving environmental approvals. Our passion is the environment, the soil, the understanding our landscapes and sustainable options.

Our key experience is:

  • Soil erosion and site management
  • Soil validation and certification for VENM and ENM resource recovery
  • Biosolids site assessment to use biosolids
  • Domestic wastewater options for house sites
  • Agricultural wastewater, dairy waste management
  • Contaminated site assessment remediation and management (CSARM)
  • Bushfire assessment for site vegetation risk (effective slope and BAL rating)
  • Acid Sulfate Soil and Potential Acid Sulfate Soil investigation
  • Contaminants Asbestos and Lead
  • Hydrocarbons, site assessment during tank removal
  • Vegetation, environmental reporting
  • Integrated catchment management, Neutral or Beneficial Effect modelling
  • Soil fertility
  • Environmental Management Planning and Reporting

Soil testing for waste and resource recovery of the urban soil-landscape and the soil properties influencing plants. Water testing for risk assessment.

Using our choice of laboratory services, we offer clients a unique opportunity to acquire specialist testing that suits their needs. We serve the homeowner, farm business, the agricultural enterprise, the soils supplier and the communities of Lithgow, Oberon, the Blue Mountains, Blayney and Carcoar in NSW.

Our professional advice about soils identifies the landscape for stability and fertility. We do not advise on geotechnical engineering.

Offering soil science consultancy for practical advice and informed experience. Contributing to a successful project outcome based on factual soil data. We identify the importance of soil management for a diverse range of reasons, including to mitigate the incremental impacts of an adverse and changing climate.

Our guiding theoretical principles for soil and land management are The Yeomans’ Keyline, Natural Sequence Farming, Regenerative Agriculture, Syntropic Agriculture, and Carers of Country. Our collaborations make available skills in environmental chemistry, geochemistry, wetlands, and water and wastewater treatment design.

Consulting & Environmental Services offer specialist soil and environment expertise with a strong portfolio of negotiation, networking and facilitation. We prepare technical reports, reviews and data interpretation.

Our contribution is with practical advice and informed science to preserve the soil environment. Our passion is the environment, community, the soil and country. Specialists and associates work for Consulting & Environmental Services for soil conservation, survey, vegetation, biodiversity

Our commercial point of difference is a scientific approach to fieldwork, test selection, result review and reporting. We contribute with practical advice and informed science to preserve the soil environment.

We bring together the expertise to collaborate with various specialists in soil conservation, survey, re-vegetation, planning and heritage and guide through project management. Our people are science graduates in chemistry, biochemistry, environment and soils.

Choosing the right vegetation for your area based on the makeup of the soil, ecology, bedrock, sensitive areas and formations.

Knowing about the landscape and capacity for building, understanding the soil types, possibilities of erosion, water run off and overall layout of the alotment.