Enjoy our landscapes, sustain our environment through knowledge exchange and project collaboration, support major projects, rural, residential and local development and advocate for a sustainable environmental future.

Analysing & Testing Soils

Dr Jane Aiken has over 22 years of experience in land, site and environment management with major projects, farms and agriculture, rehabilitation and mining operations. She has a research degree using applied numerical ecology, for microbial ecology assessment for soils.

Jane applies her environmental management focus across the scope of Ecology & Sustainability, Environmental Ecology, Wastes and Recycling, Landscape Soils and Carbon Farming Initiatives. Her work scope covers Analysis & Investigation, Soils Training & Education, Site Rehabilitation and Revegetation, Supply Chain Investigation, Soft Systems Methodology and Rural Change Management, Systems and Linking Thinking and Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation.

Working with major projects in the coal fired power industry, agricultural and municipal wastewater, quarry rehabilitation and farming and agriculture, Jane works with landholders to improve their soil and management outcomes.

With special interests in ecology, the uses of coal ash for agriculture, in the development of an environmental tourism industry for regional and rural area Australia, site rehabilitation and the impacts of global warming, CES is a company with interests in sustainable environmental solutions.

Jane is the principal of her company Consulting & Environmental Services. Consulting & Environmental Services undertakes work with a focus on organic and holistic soil management. We are mindful of climate change impacts and mitigation. We look for opportunities to facilitate sustainable development. Our work includes the beneficial use of coal ash and other waste products for soil amendment in agriculture and site remediation across a variety of agricultural, industrial and residential sites.

The company will also advocate for projects and products that best present viable solutions to the many challenging intractable environmental and economic issues of our time. In this respect, our interest also lies in developing:

  • the community hosted tourism for rural and regional economies
  • promoting products that will eliminate domestic food waste to landfill
  • supporting the commercial utilisation of by-products from coal-fired power stations
  • providing the site, soil validation and certifications relevant to contamination assessments
Our business model is to work with our clients to:
  • access and evaluate site information
  • assess soils both in the field and via laboratory analysis and
  • to prepare a review an action plan to achieve client goals
Our solutions achieve legal requirements. They are soil and water-based and reflect a sustainable environmental viewpoint. Our professional service is provided within the scope of a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS-Soil Science Australia) to achieve the CPSS speciality to the standard for Contaminated Site Assessment and Management (CSAM- Soil Science Australia) accreditation. Supporting qualifications include Master of Sustainable Agriculture, PhD environmental studies, Bachelor of Science Honours and Bachelor of Science with majors in microbiology and environmental science.

We do assist with :
  • Contaminated Site Assessment Remediation and Management (CSARM)
  • Waste and Resource Recovery – Classification of Soils as VENM or ENM
  • Certifications for the supply of wastes (Resource Recovery Orders or Exemptions)
  • Onsite Domestic Wastewater Management
  • Biosolids for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Landscape sediment control, fertility, and stability
  • Environmental management
We have special interests. Conserving soil, in microbial ecology, the use of coal ash for agriculture; in developing a community hosted tourism for regional and rural areas, in solutions to food waste and landfill, and understanding the climate impacts from global warming change.

In 2018 we launched the Green Cone Food Waste Project as a NSW EPA partner of Love Food Hate Waste. The Green Cone Food Waste Project evolves. Now with educational programs for children showing that waste has to soil, reducing landfill and recycling.

The company offer is environmental services with insight to assist in valued choices for analytical testing or monitoring such as soil sampling. Our commercial point of difference is a scientific approach to our fieldwork and reporting. We use environmental modelling tools (MUSIC), our own developed models for onsite wastewater systems, and we collaborate with other experts. Our key experience is:

  • Soil validation and certification for VENM and ENM resource recovery
  • Biosolids, a whole farm assessment to use biosolids on cropping soils in Central West NSW
  • Wastewater, advice on wastewater options to extend existing capacity beside the Shoalhaven River NSW
  • Agricultural wastewater, dairy waste management
  • Contaminated site assessment remediation and management (CSARM
  • Sensitive catchment areas, domestic onsite wastewater systems in Lithgow district
  • Bushfire assessment for site vegetation risk (effective slope and BAL rating)
  • Acid Sulfate Soil and Potential Acid Sulfate Soil investigation Cronulla
  • Asbestos and Lead contaminants selected fill within the Lithgow district
  • Hydrocarbons site assessment during tank removal
  • Vegetation, environmental reporting changes to vegetation on a major mining project for the Lithgow region
  • Integrated catchment management, Neutral or Beneficial Effect modelling

Our services are available to the home builder, farm businesses and agricultural enterprises, soils suppliers, real estate developers, the mining and energy, the waste sector, local government and other specialists, architects, landscape designers, or natural resource consultants.

Consulting & Environmental Services (C&ES) offer specialist soil and environment expertise with a strong portfolio in negotiation, networking and facilitation, to derive the best contribution to your project.

Our scope of service covers qualifications applicable to environmental studies, with experience in major project environmental management and the fundamentals of soil science.

We can bring together expertise to address contaminated sites, wetland design, heritage re-construction, tree planting and propagation, and laboratory testing services that will create a dynamic group to achieve your goals.

C&ES work with a sister company CES2™. CES2™ is an operations company with a specific focus to reuse coal ash for manufacturing and agricultural applications. CES2™ offer consultancy services to industrial and business developers.

Consulting & Environmental Services provide specialist environmental science and soil science services for the Lithgow district and the NSW Central West. Lithgow is a town on the western escarpment of the Blue Mountains. It is the town of Australia’s first iron and steel industry due to the coal mining support to early Sydney settlements and the first power stations operated in New South Wales.

Ours is a region with an industrial and coal mining history and a focused environmental perspective on natural heritage with potential to benchmark long-stay environmental tourism.

The Lithgow district has a great rural lifestyle in a unique locality for agriculture. It has highly weathered soils, mountain landscapes, and extensive pasture lands. However, our climate is changing with global warming and this effect continues to increase. Major impacts of a warmer climate are drier soils and intense weather and rain events that effect soil conditions through soil erosion and loss of soil moisture.

C&ES identify the importance of soil management to mitigate the incremental impacts of an adverse and changing climate. Our goal is to contribute with practical advice and informed science to preserve our soils.

Consulting & Environmental Services (C&ES) specialise in technical reports, reviews and data interpretation for soil sampling, water quality assessment, multivariate statistics and the surface water management calculations of the Neutral or Beneficial (NorBe) requirements. We advocate the Yeomans Keyline and Natural Sequence Farming as guiding theoretical principles for all water sensitive design and management solutions, including subdivision design. Our team has the technical information to support your project. We collaborate with various specialists in soil conservation, survey, re-vegetation, planning and heritage, environmental chemistry, and geochemistry and wetlands and water treatment design.

Choosing the right vegetation for your area based on the makeup of the soil, ecology, bedrock, sensitive areas and formations.

Knowing about the landscape and capacity for building, understanding the soil types, possibilities of erosion, water run off and overall layout of the alotment.