Development consent management

Here at CESsoils we have extensive experience in project management to get development applications approved. We can help you navigate the complex and at times conflicting legislation and requirements of various authorities. Due to being committed to our clients and their dreams, our current approval rate is 100%.

We can support you in finding the ideal location for your dream house and any other buildings (such as sheds or greenhouses) based on landscape features such as slope, aspect and soil types, legislative requirements, hazards and restrictions, and other features such as accessibility to best suit the landscape and meet planning requirements.

We can offer our wastewater system designs, soil testing, bushfire assessments, landscaping plans, stormwater and erosion management and drafting of location and site plans using spatial, cadastral and field data.

Further, we work closely with a network of trusted expert consultants to provide you the reports that we do not cover here at CESsoils such as flora & fauna assessments, vegetation management plans, geotechnical plans, architectural drawings, and survey plans.