Land assessments & land purchase assessments

Buying property is a daunting task. In New South Wales, various planning instruments will protect the land and restrict you in what you can do and where you can do it on your property. Choosing the suitable land that fits your purpose and being aware of restrictions and requirements will save you money and set you up for success.

At CESsoils, we are passionate about empowering landowners with the knowledge about their (potential) properties and their legal & environmental obligations. A land (&) purchase assessment informs you about planning requirements, environmental protection, potential hazards, and general soil capabilities. This can be done for a property that you are considering buying as well as for an already purchased property.

During a land (&) purchase assessment, we perform a preliminary desktop analysis interrogating the capabilities and restrictions of the property of interest, including legislative and planning restrictions, hazards, cadastral and topographic information, and soil types.

You will receive a short report as well as a comprehensive site plan to help you identify restrictions, setbacks and potential building sites. We will also supply you with a list of consultants that you will need to engage in case you decide to put a development application into your local council. If you decide to go ahead, we can offer you our extensive experience in project management to get your development application approved.

Our ethics is to put the clients first. We are determined to work with you through the process to achieve what is best for you and your new environment. We are here to help you navigate the unknown and take away the stress and uncertainty of property buying.

You would not buy a house without a building inspection, so why buy land without an environmental check?